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NovaLash Brand Lash Extensions

Freedom Massage & Wellness uses Novalash Brand Lash Extensions and Adhesives. Novalash signature Platinum Bond Adhesives last double the life of other competitors. They are waterproof, oil-proof and flexible upon application. The Novalash technique leaves your Lash Extensions looking more natural than other brands while still keeping a deeper black and fuller appearance. The brand stresses the urgency of not over weighting and keeping the natural lashes separated to ensure a longer life of the natural lash.

American Volume Sets

American Volume Sets give a fuller look by fanning lighter weight lashes onto each single natural lash. These sets can create a very dramatic look or enhance their appearance where there are few lashes to begin with.

Minx or Hybrid Sets

Novalash Minx are a lightweight, synthetic lash ideal for more sensitive eyes or for ladies with finer or smaller lashes. A Hybrid Set consists of a combination of Classic Lashes with some added fullness of Volume blended in. 

Classic Sets

Novalash Classic Sets create a signature look with the ability to customize weights and lengths to create the classic look you’re looking for while ensuring the safety of your natural lashes. 

What to expect:

New Full Set:
For clients that do not have any lashes applied, expect to be laying flat with your eyes closed for approximately 2 hours. Please arrive with your natural lashes cleared of makeup and debris as much as possible. We begin by taping down the bottom lashes so they do not interfere with the adhesion of the top set. We suggest a purchase of CleanLash after your appointment to help keep your lash adhesive conditioned and flexible. Avoid using produce containing Glycol (most commonly mascara) near your eyes. We also sell the NovaLash Glycol-Free Mascara.

Fills (2-3 weeks)
These are for returning lash clients, or clients with sets from other locations that have retained at least half of their original lash set. Please expect this appointment to last approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 mins. For a first fill, this appointment may be longer, to all time to make an original set fuller.

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