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Originally, Freedom Day Spa, was founded by Tammy Newhall & Judith Gallinari as a family founded business. In May 2013, Tammy hired Christine Chaisson as an independent contractor for Massage Therapy & Aesthetics. Tammy saw the drive and compassion in Christine that she trusted to soon asked her to purchase the business from her. In January 2016, Christine Chaisson took full ownership of Freedom Day Spa under the new name, Freedom Massage & Wellness. In an attempt to keep the same atmosphere, changes have been made overtime. We always offer complimentary water and trail mix during your visit. We have robes available so that you may change treatment rooms comfortably while receiving multiple services. We offer free Wi-Fi connection and a comfortable waiting area with current magazines. Please call us if our website has not provided enough information. The staff at Freedom Massage & Wellness has chosen to be in this field because we care about people and want to better your lives.
Please take time to read our Biographies so you may see what we are best at and love most about our profession. We look forward to working with you!

Christine Chaisson

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As a struggling college student who wanted to pursue a career in Architectural Drafting, Christine decided to take a break for a career school that might help her pay her way through. She graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe, AZ in May 2007 and ended up falling in love with Massage Therapy and the ability to make people feel and move better! After moving back home to Maine for a couple years, she decided to venture west again to Breckenridge, CO where she discovered an interest in skin care as well. Back to Maine again, she graduated from Spa Tech Institute as an Aesthetician in May 2011. She has found the 2 professions to work hand and hand, loving both and continues to enjoy helping people look and feel their best. Her Massage Therapy is a perfect balance of intuitive healing while using a deeper, therapeutic touch. She is able to cover almost all the services available at Freedom, whether it be a Foot Detox, Massage, Waxing or even Lash Extensions, Christine is very well rounded in her abilities.

James McClendon

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An Army veteran, James has dedicated himself to helping other veteran’s with their wellbeing through Massage Therapy. He graduated from Spa Tech Institute from the Therapeutic Massage Program and is now teaching there as well! His love of sports has benefitted many of his clients by knowing exactly what stretches they need to do at home. He is a great option for someone that has had a recent or past injury or surgery because he can do thorough yet gentle work with a technique called Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

Molly Thagouras

Molly wanted to be a massage therapist since she was a child, inspired by both her mother and grandmother.  She graduated from Spa Tech Institute and has been practicing for over two years, specializing in deep tissue massage

Caley Lippincott 

In her personal journey to find a solution to long term injuries caused by physical jobs and weight training, Caley fell into massage therapy.  Her goal is to both ease and prevent chronic pain by working with clients individually to assess their needs.  She graduated from Spa Tech Institute earlier this year, and specializes in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy

Emma Mains  

Emma has been practicing as an aesthetician since 2019, and received her certification this year.  She has a firm belief that self care is the best care, and specializes in skin care, facials, and body waxing.  She graduated from Spa Tech Institute with goals of taking care of her skin and teaching others to do the same in the safest and most relaxing way possible.

Brianna Hamilton 

Brianna was inspired to become a massage therapist by her grandmother, a retired teacher turned LMT.  She graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and has been practicing for 14 years.  She comes to Freedom Massage & Wellness with a physical therapy background, and specializes in injury rehab with medium to firm pressures.

Erika Robishaw

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